What You Can Do With an Online Science Education Degree

Obtaining an online science education degree prepares you to teach K-12 science courses, and right now there is a very high need for trained teachers in this field. For elementary and secondary school education, you can get an online science education degree to help put yourself on that track.

When you take this online education path, you are trained on implementing science programs and curriculum that will be put to use in public or private schools. This sort of education is in high demand because few teachers specialize in this area of practice currently.

The required courses for an online science education degree will take you through all the core science studies. In addition to that, you will also take education training courses and a supervised student teaching internship. This internship will help you gain valuable experience in teaching in an actual school environment, whether you choose to teach elementary school, middle school or high school. Usually there will be some sort of home lab for this type of degree, especially since you will most likely be teaching labs.

The type of coursework you can expect would include:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Earth Science
  • Astronomy
  • Geology

If you want to further your education even more, then you can pursue a Master’s degree in science education, which you could then use to teach in college or universities. These courses are generally more involved, teaching educational technology in science education, research methods, learning assessment and conceptual development in science.

Usually careers you can get with an online science education degree start at 50,000 but go as high as 83,000 for those with graduate degrees. When you get this degree, you put yourself on the fast track toward success.

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