Why is education important to you?

In addition to this past week’s scholarship drawing, we asked a $100 bonus question: “Why is education important to you?” We received a lot of great responses and wanted to publish our top five runner ups here as well as announce the winner! Continue reading “Why is education important to you?” »

Today we awarded $500 to one lucky participant (congrats Carrie!) from this past week’s scholarship giveaway. In addition to the drawing, we asked a $100 bonus question: “Why is education important to you?” We received a lot of great responses and wanted to publish our top five runner ups here:

We do not live for the mere fact of living. We live to improve ourselves every single day and that starts with education. My personal motto is “Never stop learning.” In addition, you never stop sharing what you have learned and experienced to others. How else can we improve ourselves and next generation if we do not share?
- Alan T.

Education is important to me because to understand reality is to know ourselves. I am a biological science major, and my degree involves learning about the patterns of reality, and to be specific the patterns of life. As Carl Sagan said, “We are the way for the universe to know itself.” This quote inspired my interest in biology, for we are the result of the steady operation of a simple set of rules over millions of years. We are simply machines that have evolved the ability to recognize the rules and patterns that occur in the universe, and for my education to have provided me this insight makes me value my education more than anything else I have been given.
- James

Education is important to me because it opens so many doors in my future. By getting a degree, I have the opportunity to work in various fields and have the knowledge to pursue different jobs, careers, or positions during my career life. By having options, opening doors, and experiencing life through a knowledgeable and educated lens, I can do anything.
- Amber W.

Education is the backbone for attaining a good life. Whether it is having a career that allows you to own a house and car and provide for your family, or the knowledge to help keep the Earth clean and green, knowledge gained through education is of the utmost importance. Part of the importance of education is passing that knowledge on to the next generation, which means being a teacher to the younger people, in whatever way you can.
- Susan P.

Attaining a higher education is priceless. I am showing my kids to pursue whatever it is that they may be passionate about; also, I’m ready to be a published writer! My school is teaching me steps that I may not have considered otherwise. This is preparation for the rest of my life.
- Kira J.

And finally, the winner of our $100 bonus question!

In today’s world, the creativity and camaraderie among diverse people developed in a college environment is essential. Each new year brings new challenges that can only be solved by individuals who are willing and able to think outside of the box. Thus, without the development of the mind that a college education provides, not only could success be much harder, but for those who crave intellectual challenges, it would certainly be much less satisfying. Education is the key that will unlock the world of tomorrow and make it a place in which all of us would like to live.
- Amanda Ortman

Congratulations Amanda, and thanks to everyone who participated! Keep an eye on our Facebook wall and our scholarship page for our next scholarship contest!

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    Honorable Mentions:

    “It makes me smrat.” – Eric S.

    “Have you heard people speak? Seriously, they sound like they didn’t ever go to school.” – Kathleen K.

    “Keep$ m3 ahe@d 0f D@ game! Blahhhhh” – Emily B.

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