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Bachelor of Science in Information Technology - Security

Colorado Tech Online’s Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT) with a concentration in Security is designed to help students build industry-current credentials in the field of computer and network security.

Courses are taught by instructors who have experience in the field of information technology. Students will have opportunities to absorb knowledge and meaningful perspectives that they can apply to their own career objectives and employment strategies.

The emphasis of this program is on preparing students to analyze security policies and evaluate risk assessment techniques. They can learn to explain security principles, concepts, and techniques and will be challenged to develop, implement and analyze disaster recovery plans.

The focus of the program is to help prepare students to become qualified to pursue career opportunities as Disaster Recovery Analysts, IS Security Managers, Network Security Engineers, IT Security User Administrators, Contingency Planning Analysts and many other critical roles.

Courses are taught via Colorado Tech Online’s revolutionary CLIMB™ Learning System and include:

  • Security Management
  • Security Architecture
  • Disaster Recovery

Professional Certificates Included in This Degree Program

Students will also earn eight Professional Certificates as they work towards the completion of the BSIT with a concentration in Security. These résumé-enhancing certificates are built into the degree program without adding any additional courses or cost. Professional Certificates offer students a means by which to progressively add to their educational achievements as they learn and gain new skills. This degree program includes the following certificates:

Client Java Programming

Java is emerging as one of the principle languages for building sophisticated Web applications. Java provides a platform-independent, highly interactive approach to the creation of graphical user interfaces. Large database vendors are adopting Java as the language for access to large data stores.

CompTIA Network+™ Fundamentals

This certificate program will prepare you to test for the CompTIA Network+™ certification. With a Network+™ certification, a prospective employer knows that you have the knowledge to configure and operate a variety of networking products. The certificate also may serve as a prerequisite for other vendor-specific certifications in the IT world.

Computer Network Telecommunications

For businesses to survive today, they must meet the rising expectation for greater convenience and improved access to information and assistance. This increased connectivity requires a support structure of hardware and related software systems. There is an increasing demand for qualified individuals to configure, maintain, repair and upgrade systems that enable people and systems to communicate at greater distances and in more diverse environments.

Object-Oriented Methods

This certificate program provides an introduction to, and experience in, the use of object-oriented paradigms. Object-oriented techniques for analysis, design and implementation are key to the development of reusable software. In this certificate program you will learn the fundamentals of programming in an object-oriented language, the principles underlying the use of object-oriented languages, and the techniques and methods for object-oriented analysis and design.

Professional Communication

The professional communication series is an invaluable asset for professionals in technical and management careers. Knowledge in professional communication gives you the tools and ability to plan, write and present all types of business and technical reports. This program offers proven techniques and emphasizes experience through lectures, discussions, exercises and projects.

Software Engineering Application

This certificate provides knowledge of software engineering principles through practical experience in the development of large software systems. The courses provide a hands-on base for structured systems analysis and design, object-oriented methodologies, and state-of-the-practice tools and techniques. You will work as part of a team to define, develop and implement an actual software system.

UNIX Network Administration

UNIX is one of the most widely used operating systems, supporting a variety of servers in many industries including telecommunications, software development, engineering and the military This certificate provides a broad background in the administration of UNIX and networking with UNIX.

Web Page Development

This certificate provides the fundamental skills and knowledge needed to combine text, graphics and other media to create Web pages that communicate effectively.

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