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Associate of Applied Science - Photographic Technology: Commercial Photography

Learn about the exciting world of commercial photography at Ohio Institute of Photography and Technology. If you choose this area of specialization, you will receive training in camera and lighting techniques for use in studio and on-location photography. Commercial photographers typically photograph products, facilities, people, or other subjects for editorial, advertising, or promotional purposes.

Program Objective

This area of specialization will train you in the use of small-, medium-, and large-format cameras using digital and film as required. Other courses will train you in Adobe Photoshop® and computer basics, plus advanced camera techniques and best business practices. You will also have an opportunity to develop your portfolio, which can aid you in seeking entry-level employment as a commercial photographer.

Career Opportunities

Upon successful completion of this specialty, you will receive an Associate of Applied Science in Photographic Technology from OIP&T and can search for entry-level positions in the field of commercial photography. Two to five years of work experience is recommended prior to opening your own studio. You may seek a position as a commercial photographer in the following businesses:

  • Advertising agencies
  • Commercial photography studios
  • Magazines such as fashion, interior design, travel, and food
  • Newspapers
  • Public relations agencies
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