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1 UNF Drive
Jacksonville, FL 32224

According to the school, the University of North Florida’s course to greatness is guided by our commitments to excellence, focus, relevance and accountability. Our commitment to excellence begins with our responsibility to our students, who deserve nothing less. It also recognizes UNF’s role in facilitating the cultural, economic and civic development of our students and the many communities we serve. UNF’s primary focus is on instruction. In exercising this focus, the University provides a comprehensive array of degree programs, with a targeted emphasis on select programs where UNF provides national leadership. UNF’s commitment to relevance mandates using civic engagement and research to address and answer community challenges. Finally, UNF’s commitment to accountability is based on an understanding that we owe our students and taxpayers a complete accounting of how their investments in UNF yield remarkable dividends. Using these four commitments, UNF is on the road to greatness, and we have only begun the best part of that journey.

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