Allegheny College

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520 N Main St
Meadville, PA 16335

Allegheny College, the nation’s 32nd oldest college, is a nationally known residential college of liberal arts and sciences﾿a place where 2,100 students with unusual combinations of interests and talents develop highly valued abilities to explore critical issues from multiple perspectives. Allegheny’s nationally recognized programs﾿such as the Center for Political Participation, the Center for Experiential Learning, and the Center for Economic and Environmental Development﾿offer powerful and engaging out-of-classroom experiences. With more than 40 programs of study and a capstone comprehensive senior project, the College’s rigorous education results in benefits that include acceptance to medical and law schools at rates that are twice the national averages. At Allegheny, there is an abiding passion for learning and life, a spirit of camaraderie, and shared inquiry that spans across individuals as well as areas of study. The variety of students﾿ interests and passions and skills is a powerful and distinctive piece of Allegheny﾿s culture.

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