Art Academy of Cincinnati

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1212 Jackson Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202

The Art Academy of Cincinnati is a long-established independent college of art and design providing professional degrees and community education programs for fine artists and designers. While preserving its history as a studio school, the Art Academy supports the students’ artistic development with a strong liberal arts curriculum. The Art Academy recognizes that the most effective visual statements come from artists whose minds are broad and rich and can integrate the mind, eye and hand in the creation of art. Because making art is a significant individual and cultural activity, Art Academy students are encouraged to develop a life-long commitment to creativity and learning.\r\n\r\nWhile celebrating our rich history and maintaining our strengths in studio art and design, the Art Academy continues to focus on the needs and goals of our students. By remaining a small school, the faculty of artists, designers and other creative people continue to teach, advise, and mentor students in ways that cannot be done in a large university setting. Staff members continue their work to support students, whether in the registration, financial aid, or counseling offices. Individual attention to each student, to help him or her on their own pathway, remains the defining characteristic of the school.\r\n\r\nThe award-winning architectural design of our school is visually exciting and practical for a college of art and design. Our facility provides studios for every junior, senior and graduate student, and its classrooms and computer labs allow students to study and create art in both a natural and intimate environment. Our operational hours (24 hours a day, seven days a week) are vital in creating a strong student life focus and sense of community.

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