Barton College

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200 ACC Drive NE
Wilson, NC 27893

According to the school, Barton College strives to focus on individual learners and their personal relationship with learning. We believe that learning occurs best when students actively participate and interpret what they learn. Our students challenge, debate, and discuss ideas. Our professors are facilitators committed to helping students achieve their goals through a style of learning that best enhances their critical thinking and leadership skills as well as global/community awareness. At Barton, we intentionally challenge our students both in and out of the classroom. With that in mind, Barton’s First-Year Seminar engages students academically and socially as they make the transition from high school to college. Freshmen share a common reading and intellectual experience through study and discussion of a summer reader; they share time, energy and enthusiasm for service-learning projects; and they begin to build a foundation for their academic pursuits through an exploration of the disciplines offered through our five academic schools: Arts and Sciences, Behavioral Sciences, Business, Education, and Nursing. Barton offers a wide variety of professional programs complementing the College’s liberal arts core. Education K-6 and 6-9, education of the deaf and hard of hearing, nursing, gerontology, social work, athletic training, and mass communications are just a few of the 30 majors offered at Barton. We want Barton students to be learners prepared to contribute to the 21st century world community. Engaged learning is about students taking responsibility for their life and their education. At Barton, we encourage students to get engaged with what matters most in their life…their future.

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