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9001 Stockdale Hwy
Bakersfield, CA 93311

California State University Bakersfield is committed to providing high quality undergraduate and graduate programs. To accomplish this, the University recruits and retains outstanding faculty. Those faculty establish, maintain and assess the satisfaction of learning goals for their students. The programs immerse the students into the disciplines and prepare them for careers in our region, nation, and world. California State University Bakersfield is a student-centered institution. The University assists other K-14 institutions to prepare qualified students. It recruits its students from all racial and ethnic communities and maintains a university environment accessible to diverse students. It organizes its programs to permit students to accomplish their educational goals. It offers its students a myriad of learning opportunities, outside as well as in the classroom. It prepares its students to be productively engaged in a diverse and changing society. California State University Bakersfield has a responsibility to the residents of Kern County and the surrounding area. In addition to offering high quality programs, the University nurtures the region’s intellectual and cultural life. It also is a full partner in shaping the region’s economic development.\r\n

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