Carlow University

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3333 Fifth Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Carlow University, the only Catholic women-centered liberal arts university in Pennsylvania, prepares students, primarily women, for competent leadership and compassionate service in personal and professional life. \r\n\r\nCarlow University provides a supportive environment where faculty and staff focus on helping students both academically and professionally. Small class size ensures individual attention from Carlow’s faculty. \r\nA leader in adult education for 28 years, Carlow was first in Pennsylvania to offer accelerated and weekend programs.\r\n\r\nCarlow offers more than 50 undergraduate and 18 graduate degree programs.\r\n\r\nThe University offers peer tutoring, study groups and seminars in skill development, an honor’s program, study abroad, guaranteed internships and cross-registration at nine other local colleges and universities.\r\n\r\nCarlow’s core curriculum themes, reflecting on learning, valuing and respecting self and others, and expanding world view, expand and realize each person’s potential.\r\n\r\nCarlow’s culture extends beyond a core curriculum and the classroom to affect the daily life and fundamental assumptions of all of the persons that comprise Carlow University. \r\n

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