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620 Michigan Avenue, NE
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According to the school, the mission of The Catholic University of America is to discover, preserve, and impart truth in all its forms through scholarship, research, and teaching so as to serve the needs of society, the nation and the Church. As a university, it has a responsibility to seek the truth with singular determination and to be an intellectual center of the highest quality. As a Catholic university, it is a place where the relation between revealed truth and human truth is examined in depth and with authority. The university is comprehensive in the scope of its academic disciplines and fosters an academic culture that gives primacy in its educational programs to the integration of Catholic values and fundamental scholarship as well as to the examination of the relationship between faith and reason. Education at The Catholic University of America is founded in the belief that faith is consistent with reason and that theology and other religious studies themselves profit from the broader context of purposeful critical inquiry, experimentation, and reflection. As a community of service, the university makes an indispensable contribution to the Church, to society at large, and to the local community.

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