Chicago State University

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9501 S. King Drive
Chicago, IL 60628

Chicago State University has been successfully recruiting and graduating “under-prepared” minority students, who, because of a variety of reasons, have been denied many of the economic and social educational benefits enjoyed by the greater society. By serving this population, Chicago State University has proven to be a gateway to the transformation of the lives and communities from which CSU students come. Chicago State University ranks first in Illinois in awarding bachelor’s degrees to African Americans in the physical sciences, health professions, and related sciences. It ranks fourth in Illinois in awarding baccalaureate degrees to Latino students in education. Nation-wide, Chicago State has ranked 18th in granting baccalaureate degrees to minority students in all fields; it has ranked 4th in B.S. in Education and 4th in M.S. in Mathematics; ranked 11th in granting M.S. in English; ranked 10th in B.S. in Psychology.\r\n\r\nChicago State University’s Honors College accepted its first cohort of students. These are students from under-served populations who are academically talented and motivated to take a highly rigorous program of study. The Honors College offers its students unique service and learning opportunities as well as an enriched, interdisciplinary general education curriculum in order to develop future professionals and leaders in its students’ communities, state, and nation. Through the Honors College, Chicago State University seeks to provide educational opportunities not only to under-prepared students but also to offer enriched educational opportunities to academically talented students whose abilities may be blunted in large, majority serving institutions.\r\n\r\nThe College of Education welcomed its first cohort of Doctoral students in the Educational Leadership. In addition, the University has received approval from the Illinois Board of Higher Education for the College of Pharmacy for a 6-year program in PharmD.

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