Colorado College

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14. E Cache La Poudre St.
Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Colorado College is a private, liberal arts and sciences institution located at the foot of Pike’s Peak and the gateway to the Southwest. The official college motto is ‘Scientia et Disciplina’ or, as one scholar translates it, ‘Acquiring knowledge and living it.’ And living it — that is the essence of Colorado College. Students are living their learning — in the acquisition, in the sharing, and ultimately in the being out in the world. So is the faculty in their engaged, intensive, interdisciplinary teaching, their one-on-one advising, and their collaborative research with students. And so is the staff, who take students into their lives and serve as teachers in often important and unexpected ways. \r\n\r\nStudents become most alive in their education when they pursue a single subject for an uninterrupted time in small class communities under the college’s Block Plan. In stimulating learning environments — classroom and library, field and laboratory, stage and studio, residence halls and student center, the local community and foreign countries — students immerse themselves in rigorous academic adventure. This experience, combined with athletics, outdoor recreation, student organizations, residential life, and community service offers students a true renaissance in the Rockies.

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