Dillard University

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2601 Gentilly Blvd
New Orleans, LA 70122

According to the school, Straight College and New Orleans University, both founded in New Orleans in 1869 merged to form Dillard University. Dillard, therefore, is heir to their conjoined commitments to freedom and education, and proudly carries forth the struggle to overcome poverty and injustice that has historically marked the black experience in the South. We remain faithful to our heritage; African American history and culture are interwoven throughout the curriculum. Education at Dillard is grounded in the values of the liberal arts tradition and the requirements of three professions — teacher education, nursing, and business — to which the University has had an historic commitment. We celebrate the liberal arts as a prime means of developing the habits of mind and core beliefs that serve as guides for living rewarding, productive and constructive lives as individuals and citizens. Through the intense study of a range of academic disciplines, our students hone their capacities to think analytically, critically and creatively. They strengthen their writing and speaking abilities and increase their quantitative and technological competences. We challenge them to acquire the ability to recognize problems, to engage in independent and directed research and to create new knowledge. They explore ethical and spiritual dimensions of the human condition, and develop social skills. Because our graduates will be world citizens, we train them to speak a foreign language and encourage them to study abroad. Dillard University promotes rigor and excellence in its educational program; we foster deep respect for intellectual achievement that is tempered by an equally strong commitment to social responsibility. The end of education at Dillard is more than the simple discovery of balance between theory and practice. We train students to understand why being competitive in unpredictable environments requires mastery of academic disciplines, the effective articulation of ideas and the employment of fortitude in regard to moral and ethical questions. The University provides an educational program in which students and faculty members engage in creative, collaborative learning. The lived mission of Dillard University is to produce students who are secure in their historical being and dedicated to the conscientious use of their attainments.

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