Dowling College

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150 Idle Hour Blvd
Oakdale, NY 11769

Dowling College is an independent, comprehensive institution in the liberal arts tradition and a place where teaching for personal and professional development is the first priority. Dowling College is known for the extraordinary attention given to student learning in the undergraduate, graduate and professional programs in each of the College’s four schools. Dowling College provides all of its students with an excellent opportunity to succeed by offering a large number of courses taught by skilled professional faculty while maintaining small class sizes. Dowling College is committed to providing students with the best possible environment for learning and human development. Dowling College serves a student body that is diverse in ability, ethnicity, belief, culture, geographic origin, and age. The students, faculty and staff of Dowling College contribute to the arts, sciences and professions such as business and education, and add to human knowledge through research, professional and civic activities. Dowling College also recognizes that learning is a lifetime endeavor; therefore, it provides its community and alumni with continuing educational opportunities.

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