East-West University

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816 S Michigan Ave
Chicago, IL 60605

Since it was founded in 1980, East-West has made affordability, quality instruction, small class size and convenient location the hallmarks of its reputation. \r\n\r\nThe University has also won acclaim for its electroneurodiagnostic technology (ENDT) program, which trains students to become multi-skilled professional allied health technologists. The success of ENDT has enabled East-West to establish affiliation agreements with such prestigious hospitals as Loyola University Medical Center, Evanston Hospital and the University of Chicago Hospital. It has helped fuel the growth of the campus, which has nearly tripled in enrollment since 1990.\r\n\r\nFor a relatively small institution, East-West boasts a sizable number of international students. Contributing to the diversity has been an infusion of native speakers of Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Hindi, Korean, Mongolian, Polish, Russian, Serbo-Croatian, Singhalese, Spanish, Thai and Urdu.\r\n\r\n

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