Emory and Henry College

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1 Garnand Drive
Emory, VA 24327

According to the school, with a global perspective and an emphasis on community service, Emory & Henry College encourages students to envision the world in which they would like to live and then challenges them to create it. Professors are among the best in the nation. Six times in the last 19 years, Emory & Henry professors have been named Virginia Professor of the Year of the Carnegie Foundation more than any other college or university in Virginia. Previous recipients of this ward are: Dr. Ed Damer, Philosophy ‘89; Dr. Kathleen Chamberlain, English ’93; Dr. David Copeland, mass communications ’97; Dr. Teresa Keller, mass communications ’03; Dr. Jack Roper, history ’05. Teresa Keller was awarded the 2010 Outstanding Faculty Award by the State Council for Higher Education in Virginia. Other recipients of this award are: Dr. Steve Fisher, political science ’94; Dr. Samir Saliba, political science ’97; Dr. John Lang, English ’99; Dr. Jim Duchamp, chemistry ’09. Emory & Henry College has been named one of six colleges and universities nationwide to receive the 2009 President’s Award, the highest federal recognition for commitment to service-learning and civic engagement. Each year, Emory & Henry features close to 100 concerts, lectures, theatre and dance performances, films, exhibits, and poetry readings that complement the academic experience we offer to our students. The vast majority of these events are part of the college’s popular Lyceum program. \r\n\r\nThe Appalachian Center for Community Service initiates many partnerships between the college and community that integrate education with service and citizenship. Service activities may be short or long term, and give students the opportunity to volunteer and create positive social change. Through the center, opportunities abound and exist both on campus and off campus.\r\n\r\nStudents can perform research in areas across the curriculum, and faculty encourage students and provide them with research opportunities. Recent topics have ranged from cell growth to attitudes toward men and women in nontraditional careers. \r\n\r\nStudy abroad is available to students in a variety of locations. India, Costa Rica, Mexico, China, Bulgaria, Central Europe, Germany, and Italy are a few of the places to which students have traveled. E&H helps students prepare for their study abroad experiences with language study, a comprehensive international studies program and an international studies and business program. \r\n\r\nHoused in the recently renovated King Athletic Center, the College’s Athletic Training Education Program utilizes a newly constructed athletic training room which serves as a treatment center to rehabilitate student athletes and as a clinical classroom for the Athletic Training Education Program.\r\n\r\nWithin the International Studies program, students can major in unique areas: East Asian Studies, European Community Studies, Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies, and International Studies and Business. The International Studies and Business major allows students to examine other societies, and the regional and global political, economic, and cultural systems in which we live.\r\n\r\nThe Emory & Henry Theatre Department operates in association with the Barter Theatre, a professional LORT C Equity company located in Abingdon, Virginia, ten minutes away from the E&H campus. This association offers theatre majors opportunities for professional internships, mentoring, workshops, and master classes throughout their college career.

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