Erskine College and Seminary

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2 Washington St
Due West, SC 29639

According to the school, at Erskine we believe in starting small to lead big. Our close-knit academic community provides more than a great college experience. It’s a place where young people can craft a vision for the rest of their lives. Our unique rural setting limits distractions and helps students focus on what’s really important. A smaller residential campus means you can’t fake it. Quality is revealed. Weaknesses strengthened. Character is refined through intentional, individual relationships. \r\n\r\nIntentional integration of our mission to equip students to flourish is seen in every aspect of the campus: in the classroom, residential life, student organizations, convocations, campus ministries and athletic opportunities. Our faculty provide rigorous academic challenges with an individual approach. They go beyond teaching to mentoring, and take an active interest in helping students plan for life and work after college. The Erskine curriculum provides multiple ‘immersive’ opportunities to engage in real world challenges in business, civic discourse, education, medicine and more, as well as opportunities for study abroad, internships and externships.\r\n\r\nBy starting small our alumni go on to do big things. We have one of the highest graduate program placement rates in South Carolina with nearly half our graduates going on to some type of graduate studies. In fact, this past year 10% of the graduating class applied to medical school. All of them were accepted.\r\n\r\nOf the graduates that pursue work right after graduation, more than three quarters of them are working within just a few months. Erskine graduates lead businesses and non-profit organizations both large and small throughout the world.\r\n\r\nBut we produce more than simply competent professionals. We equip the whole person﾿intellectually, physically and spiritually to flourish in life and leadership. Erskine students understand that to make a difference in the world, hearts need to be changed, relationships developed and faith exercised. We believe that it is not only important what our students become, but also who they become. Erskine strives to produce graduates that are locally active, globally minded citizens who understand their life’s work in the broad context of creation, reflecting the love and justice of the Creator.\r\n

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