Gratz College

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7605 Old York Rd
Melrose Park, PA 19027

The mission of the College Division and Graduate School of Gratz College is to provide a superior education to students seeking academic and professional credentials in Jewish studies and degrees for teaching in public, private and parochial schools. Founded in 1895 as the first non-denominational institution of advanced Jewish studies in the United States, the College develops leaders and educators for the American Jewish community and American society as a whole. The College is also dedicated to transmitting Jewish history and culture to members of the Jewish community at large.\r\n\r\nThe College achieves this mission by offering graduate and undergraduate degree programs that thoroughly prepare students to lead professionally in the fields of Jewish education, Jewish communal service, Jewish music and Jewish studies; by offering graduate degrees and individual courses in education to enhance the instructional techniques and proficiencies of elementary and secondary school teachers, thus improving the quality of their pedagogy; by providing broad access to Jewish learning to members of the regional, national and international Jewish community through distance learning, through opportunities to audit courses on campus, and through encouraging full utilization of the rich resources of Gratz’s Tuttleman Library: The Jewish Public Library; by serving the public through the faculty of the College Division and Graduate School who provide professional expertise and engaged teaching in houses of worship, community centers, schools and other institutions and organizations in collaboration with Gratz’s Continuing Education Division; and by enriching scholarship in Jewish studies and education through research, faculty publications and academic presentations.\r\n

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