Grove City College

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100 Campus Dr
Grove City, PA 16127

Since its founding in 1876, Grove City College, committed to Christian principles, has striven to be equal in academic quality to the finest four-year colleges. It seeks to provide liberal and professional education of the highest quality that is within the reach of families with modest means who desire a college that will strengthen their children’s spiritual and moral character. There is an undeniable spiritual vitality on campus. It drifts bar beyond the confines of the Chapel walls, permeating classrooms and dorm life. Students take their spiritual lives seriously, and yet they have a lot of fun along the way. The last several decades have produced many academic institutions that , in an effort to be politically correct, tend to treat all ideas in the marketplace as equally valid. At Grove City College we don’t shy away from discussing all points of view, but we adhere to our belief that there are ethical and moral absolutes.\r\n\r\nThe best students welcome the idea of being stretched intellectually. Striving to excel is the norm at Grove City College. But high standards don’t equate with formal intellectual stuffiness. Here, learning is fun. The exchange of ideas is invigorating and challenging. \r\n\r\nOur students are actively involved in over 130 clubs and organizations, many of them student led and supported by faculty and staff advisors. Over 70 percent of our 2,500 students participate regularly in over 30 different intramural sports activities and 12 club sports. We also embrace student leadership and encourage each student to take advantage of the many opportunities to hone their leadership skills. We have Resident Assistants , peer mentors and guides who work to creat strong residential living and learning communities in the residence halls. \r\n\r\nWhen you graduate from Grove city College, you’ll leave with much more than a diploma. With you goes a lifetime of memories, frendships you’ll never forget and a total college experience that will significantly shape you for the rest of your life. We’ll hate to see you go, but then preparing students to make a difference in the world is what keeps us here.

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