Hamilton College

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198 College Hill Rd
Clinton, NY 13323

Students come to Hamilton to find their voice. As a national leader for teaching students to write effectively, learn from each other and think for themselves, Hamilton produces graduates who have the knowledge, skills and confidence to make their voices heard on issues of importance to them and their communities. A key component of the Hamilton experience is the College’s open, yet rigorous liberal arts curriculum. In place of distribution requirements that are common at most colleges, Hamilton gives its students freedom to choose the courses that reflect their unique interests and plans. Faculty advisors assist students in planning a coherent and highly individualized academic program – in fact, close student-faculty relationships at Hamilton are a distinguishing characteristic of the College – but ultimately students at Hamilton take responsibility for their own future. Part of that future includes a lifelong relationship with the College. Hamilton alumni are exceptionally loyal and passionate supporters of their alma mater and the students and faculty who live and work on College Hill. That support manifests itself through internships, speaking engagements, job-shadowing opportunities and financial donations.

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