Jackson State University

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1440 J R Lynch St
Jackson, MS 39217

MISSION:\r\nA Historically Black Carnegie Doctoral/ [Research Universities (High Research Activity)] public institution of higher learning located in the metropolitan area of Jackson, Mississippi. Jackson State University educates a diverse student population from Mississippi, most other states and many foreign countries by providing a broad range of baccalaureate programs and a variety of masters and doctoral programs in its six Colleges: Business; Education and Human Development; Liberal Arts; Lifelong Learning; Public Service; and Science, Engineering and Technology. The learning process at Jackson State is enhanced through experiential learning in urban and rural areas throughout the city, state, nation, and global communities. Jackson State is a learning community for highly capable, as well as capable but under prepared students who require a nurturing academic environment.\r\n\r\nOPERATING PRINCIPLES:\r\nJSU’s adherence to the following Operating Principles will enhance the University’s ability to effectively serve students, thereby ensuring productive graduates.\r\n\r\nValues Based Learning Community\r\nThe University’s core values are infused in every aspect of its existence: tradition: its history inspires and exemplifies positive societal change; accountability, the principled exercise of leadership and the belief in the sanctity of the public trust; learning, an environment where teaching , research and service are integrated and mutually reinforcing; nurturing, a community which affirms and welcomes persons from diverse backgrounds and experiences and supports the realization of their human potential; service, responding to the needs of society and expecting our graduates to do likewise; responsibility, accepting our duty to enhance each generation’s capacity to improve the human condition.\r\n\r\nMeeting Regional Learning Needs\r\nJackson State has primary responsibility for the higher education needs of central Mississippi. Its students, however, come from throughout Mississippi, most of the United States, and several foreign countries. The institution has locations throughout the city of Jackson: a 250-acre main campus, information technology, public health and health sciences, and lifelong learning satellite campuses. The College of Lifelong Learning also offers credit and non-credit courses at several Community Colleges primarily in central Mississippi.\r\n\r\ne-City\r\nE-City is a living/learning urban studio comprised of a 5-square mile area contiguously surrounding Jackson State University. It is a mutually beneficial, university-based economic and human development initiative where students engage in experientially enhanced learning through partnerships with the U.S. Department of Education, the Mississippi Department of Education, the Fannie Mae Foundation and Corporation, the City of Jackson, Jackson Public Schools and private and not-for-profit businesses. Concomitantly, the University serves as a lifelong learning resource for city employees, teachers, other professionals and community groups.\r\n\r\nFostering Research\r\nJackson State University recognizes that research is a key component of not only learning, but economic development as well. The University is internationally known in the field of computational computing and has a breath of research activity across all disciplines. It is expected that the Schools of Engineering and Public Health will continue to grow. Multi-disciplinary funded research in general is expected to expand, particulaly in the areas of education and human development, communications technology, epidemiology, environmental health, homeland security and nanotechnology.

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