Kuyper College

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3333 East Beltline N.E.
Grand Rapids, MI 49525

Kuyper College is a leading Ministry-Focused Christian Leadership College, educating and training Christian leaders for service through the integration of high-quality academic curriculum and a biblical, Reformed worldview. Kuyper provides students who desire a well-rounded, biblical and comprehensive college experience the opportunity to see, understand and live all of life through the lens of Scripture. This is instrumental in guiding our students through the process of discovering God’s glory, communicating this truth to others and honoring the Lordship of Jesus Christ. As a result, our students come to Kuyper because they want to make a difference. They want to live lives of significance after they graduate, and they are doing so-with extraordinary results-as they use what they’ve learned at Kuyper to touch the lives of others in over 50 countries throughout the world.\r\nFounded in 1939, and accredited by various regional and national agencies, Kuyper College offers a variety of ministry and professional academic majors. This is the first of seven foundational elements that make Kuyper a very unique college. At Kuyper we call the sum of these elements TheKee or The Kuyper Education Experience. \r\nOther elements of TheKee include: a continuous and intentional program of Spiritual Formation to help our students become mature in their faith; comprehensive Internship and Field-Education programs with nationally recognized organizations, where students apply the knowledge and skills they’ve acquired in the classroom to every-day situations; an International-Education program where students have the opportunity to satisfy requirements in one of several locations throughout the world; a multi-cultural, ethnic and multi-denominational Diversity program that embraces and promotes an environment where diversity thrives; a committed Faculty known for their subject matter expertise with a ratio of 1 faculty member for each 15 students; and a very affordable cost for tuition and room and board-on average $6000 less per year than comparable Christian colleges-making Kuyper an Exceptional Value.\r\nKuyper College is located on a beautiful campus eight miles from downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan-one of the top 50 metropolitan areas in the United States.\r\n

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