Livingstone College

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701 W Monroe St
Salisbury, NC 28144

According to the school, Livingstone College, a private, historically black institution, represents the tradition of excellent liberal arts and religious education programs secured by a strong commitment to quality instruction. The College’s most distinctive feature is its history of self-reliance and perseverance. Connected to the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church, Livingstone College was founded in 1879 to meet the needs of African Americans who were denied access to educational opportunities. Today, the College provides an environment in which students from all ethnic backgrounds can develop their potential for leadership and service to society. A private college with public responsibilities, Livingstone College also provides an environment suitable for learning and promotes Judeo-Christian values with respect for the global community. The College accomplishes its mission by pursuing the following goals: 1) To provide academic excellence in all programs by diverse courses of study appropriate to undergraduate education. 2) To provide effective teaching by faculty with strong academic preparation, who nurture students in and out of the classroom. 3) To create academic options that prepare students to pursue careers, graduate and professional studies, and life-long learning as needed for a changing social and technological world. 4) To assist students and faculty in their pursuit of scholarly and creative endeavors. 5) To create opportunities for practical application of knowledge through internships, cooperative education, experiential learning, and community service. 6) To create opportunities for students to develop a fuller knowledge and appreciation of African-American heritage, to increase their awareness and appreciation of other cultures, and to prepare them to become well-adjusted individuals in a global society.

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