Malone University

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2600 Cleveland Avenue NW
Canton, OH 44709

According to the school, The mission of Malone is to provide students with an education based on biblical faith in order to develop men and women in intellectual maturity, wisdom, and Christian faith who are committed to serving the church, community, and world. As an academic institution in the Christian tradition of the Evangelical Friends, Malone is committed to intellectual enrichment in the context of Christian faith to produce graduates with a love of truth and a vibrant, mature faith. Our intent is that students attain the wisdom, knowledge, and skills necessary to serve, engage, and transform the communities in which they live and work.\r\n\r\nThe mission of general education at Malone University is to develop wise and thoughtful students who are broadly educated in the liberal arts as well as in Christian scriptures and traditions to serve as faithful agents of transformation in the communities in which they live and work.\r\nThe specific outcomes are as follows:\r\nStudents will understand theories and cultural influences that have shaped the world. Students will articulate significant social and intellectual traditions influencing American cultures and demonstrate the ability to engage constructively with diverse cultures.\r\n\r\nStudents will think critically and creatively. Students will gather and assess the relevance of information. Students will demonstrate the ability to use key methods of inquiry to gain understanding of content (scientific method, qualitative, quantitative). Students will be able to integrate Christian faith with disciplinary knowledge and develop multiple approaches to problems. Students will communicate effectively in multiple contexts. Students will be able to express ideas with clarity; read and listen to the ideas of others with understanding and discernment and engage in rhetorically effective communication. Students will understand the foundations of the Christian faith and the role of service to the church, community, and world.\r\n Students will demonstrate understanding of content and themes of Christian history and theology, demonstrate knowledge of Christian approaches to ethical and social issues, and demonstrate commitment to service in the wider community.

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