MidAmerica Nazarene University

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2030 E College Way
Olathe, KS 66062

Let’s keep it simple — no shouting, no touting, no spin. Let’s be as true as we are every day — to ourselves, to our faith, to our vision. So here’s the simple truth: MidAmerica Nazarene University is a small, Christian university in a quiet suburban community near a big city in the Midwest. It’s a good place to learn, a good place to grow, a good place to belong. And a very good place to get ready to face a few other simple truths — like career choices and income taxes, mortgages and marriages, and how to keep the faith in a secular world. We won’t promise you that if you come to MidAmerica, you’ll go on to be the leader of the free world, more famous than a Super Bowl star, or the rich and powerful CEO of a major corporation, though, of course, you might. What we do promise is that we can help you fulfill your potential, explore your faith, achieve your goals, and gain the confidence and skills to find your place in the world. It’s what we do — and that’s the simple truth. Academics, Our mission — to learn, to serve, to be — represents the balance between living and learning and the demands of living your faith. These goals permeate the MNU campus. Offering 41 majors and five preprofessional programs, MidAmerica fosters an environment where you can grow intellectually, academically and spiritually. Our strong liberal arts foundation guides you toward critical thinking skills, prepares you to meet professional challenges with confidence and insight, and lays the groundwork for your future as a lifelong learner. Our faculty are true scholars — they publish textbooks and articles in scholarly journals; they do research and make presentations at national conventions in their disciplines; many have real-world experience in the areas in which they teach. But, first of all, they are teachers. Ask them. They’ll tell you they teach at MidAmerica because they love to teach — because they really care about their students — because they are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. Spiritual life, Christian values and ethics are integrated into your classroom experience in many ways. Your professors may begin class with a devotional message or prayer. Your professional studies include consideration of how faith and values will impact your everyday life. And every day you will be treated not just as a student, but as a whole person, a person on a spiritual journey as well as an academic one. Outside the classroom, twice-weekly chapel services, fall and spring revivals, and hall devotions encourage spiritual exploration and discovery. Spring break programs in the Ukraine, Belize or in parts of the U.S. offer you the opportunity to give medicine, clothes, and, most importantly, give of yourself as you learn to become a servant leader. Student life. Community service. Dorm Follies. Competitive athletics. Jazz band. Homecoming. Mock Rock. Student government. Open gym nights. Heritage Choir. There’s plenty to do on the MNU campus, and plenty of opportunities for you to get involved, get active, and become a part of the group. From traditional all-campus events to student government and organizations to competitive intercollegiate athletics and intramurals, you’ll find avenues to pursue your interests, hone your leadership skills, build relationships, and stay fit at MNU.

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