Muskingum University

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163 Stormont Street
New Concord, OH 43762

At a recent Muskingum College commencement, the graduating class student representative talked about Muskingum’s uniqueness with these words: Muskingum has always been a small liberal arts school in rural Ohio with about 1,000 students at any given time (until the past ten years). Despite this amount of former graduates, compared to larger universities, Muskingum has produced a Senator and astronaut, Senator John Glenn, as many people know us for. But Muskingum has also provided the United States with an Ambassador to Mexico and an editor of the Wall Street Journal. Muskingum has produced a vice-president or president of the three largest corporations in the world: a former chairman and CEO of Ford Motor Company; an executive vice-president of AT&T, and a vice-president for General Motors. The list could go on and on. We have already seen major impacts by our fellow graduates. One of today’s graduates is at the forefront of city management with a job he has held several months before his actual graduation. Another graduate helped with a wildlife population project in Kenya…What mark will we have put on Ohio, the United States, and the world? It is the same challenge that previous Muskingum graduates have had and they have gone beyond all expectations.

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