New York Institute of Technology

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Northern Blvd
Old Westbury, NY 11568

NYIT offers undergraduate and graduate degree-granting programs, delivered through synchronous and asynchronous modalities ranging from traditional classroom settings to web-based, fiber optic, and ISDN distance learning technologies. You’ll find an environment that fosters excellence by allowing students to practice what they learn in the classroom. The mission of NYIT is based upon fundamental principles, which include career-oriented education, access to opportunity, applications – oriented research, and service in public interest. The First-Year Experience Program is designed to improve retention of new NYIT students and recognizes that the first 6 weeks of college life are crucial to strengthening their ability to succeed at NYIT. This program consists of strategies, which focus on enhancing students’ academic skills, while addressing their need for early social and intellectual bonding with faculty, staff, and peers.

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