New York School of Interior Design

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170 East 70th Street
New York, NY 10021

Founded in 1916 by Sherrill Whiton and a group of prominent designers, architects, decorators and artists, the New York School of Interior Design’s mission then and today is to provide interior designers with the soundest, most comprehensive and up-to-date education and training possible. NYSID’s goals emanate from its mission and reflect the comprehensive range of student experiences from admissions through graduation to job placement. NYSID has always attracted leading designers, architects, art historians, and experts in their field to its faculty. With an enrollment of more than 700 students and a faculty of 75, NYSID enjoys the intimacy of a small college in the midst of one of the world’s most vibrant and dynamic design centers, New York City. The campus has superb facilities and an ideal location within walking distance of the city’s great museums, art galleries, and design resource centers. The college is proud to be a vital part of city’s educational and cultural life and a creative force in the continued growth of interior design as a dynamic profession. The present matriculated student enrollment at NYSID, accompanied by increased admission standards, is at record levels. The college remains one of the largest interior design programs in the country and the only such institution in the New York metropolitan area dedicated exclusively to interior design education. Many of our students choose an incremental approach to the study of interior design often beginning with the 24-credit BID Certificate program either to build a portfolio or as a means of determining their level of interest and commitment to the field. Our student body includes young people just graduating from high school, adults wishing to complete or enhance their level of education, and people ready to make a career change. NYSID’s mission continues to be dedicated to providing comprehensive programs of study for qualified students of varying ages as a single major college focused on interior design. From its origins, the School has centered on professional training and education that combines scholarship with the most up-to-date resources available. The criteria have, naturally, evolved over 90 years but what is central to the mission is the belief that design is basic to life and that good design contributes to the well-being of individuals and the community at large. Its four programs, the one-year Basic Interior Design Certificate Program (24 credits), the two-year Associate in Applied Science in Interior Design degree (66 credits), the four-year Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design degree (132 credits), and the two-year Master of Fine Arts in Interior Design degree (60 credits), all reflect this mission. The undergraduate programs are interlocked so that students can move from one program to another, e.g. BID Certificate to the AAS or BFA degree programs, provided they meet the required academic and portfolio requirements. The programs develop visual literacy, graphic and communication skills, and competencies in professional procedures to prepare the student to assume, upon completion, an active and productive role in the design profession. Relationships among various aspects of design are recognized: architectural, decorative, craft-oriented, environmental, and technical. The emphasis is on the design process first and then on its application to specific situations. A great sense of collegiality among the members of the NYSID community is expressed in a sharing of ideas, mutual support, and respect. A sense of accomplishments is felt by all when we look at the roster of our celebrated alumni worldwide and the recognition our students have received with top awards in regional and international portfolio competitions for the quality of the projects presented. Still going strong after 90+ years, NYSID continues to provide a first-rate education in the perfect environment for the study of interior design.

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