Oakland City University

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138 N Lucretia St
Oakland City, IN 47660

Oakland City University in Oakland City, Indiana is a learning community dedicated to academic excellence, technical preparation, and life-long learning; the preparation for gainful employment through academic excellence; the promotion of Christian ethical and moral values; the enhancement of each person’s intellectual. spiritual and social development; and community service through positive leadership. Oakland City University was formed in 1885 out of the persistent effort of a committed group of General Baptist pioneers. These founders set out to see that the gospel of Jesus Christ was proclaimed through education. Our founders would be pleased to know that the cause for which they struggled and sacrificed is still alive and well today. While Oakland City University is conscious of the call of God, honoring our ties to the General Baptist denomination, and mindful of the church universal, we welcome all people from all faiths to realize their educational dream. Oakland City University stands for academic excellence in a warm, Christian environment. Oakland City University’s motto is “ENTER TO LEARN-GO FORTH TO SERVE.” Not only do we stand proudly on the meaning of that phrase as individuals, but we go forth as a university to provide the highest quality Christian education!

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