Principia College

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1 Maybeck Place
Elsah, IL 62028

According to the school, Principia College is a unique college in that it is the only college in the world whose educational mission is to educate students who are Christian Scientists. Its purpose is to “serve the Cause of Christian Science,” as stated by its founder Mary Kimball Morgan in her book, Education at The Principia. The mission of the College, as stated in the Catalog, is to provide students who are Christian Scientists with a comprehensive, co-educational academic program of liberal arts and sciences, leading to a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science degree. The College is also committed to academic excellence with a profound focus on every aspect character education, through the development of the spiritual, intellectual, moral, social, and physical development of each student. In this context, Principia offers its students an international perspective and challenges them to be ethically strong in service to the world community. The college campus contains and is surrounded by vast and diverse natural habitat, including forests, prairies, and the great Mississippi River. Situated on limestone bluffs 200 feet above the River, Principia has developed in its 75 years on the 2600-acre site a harmonious blend of pleasant landscaped ground anchoring a variety of English Tudor buildings designed by renowned California architect Bernard Maybeck that provide functional support to the campus community.

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