Roanoke College

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221 College Ln
Salem, VA 24153

According to the school, Roanoke College prepares its 2,100 students for their futures through its commitment to providing a true classic college experience. With a focus on learning firsthand and close personal connections, students receive a strong liberal arts foundation that is applied in a unique way to modern and future issues. Depth of knowledge comes from strong majors and experiential learning through independent study research projects, internships and similar experiences. Breadth of knowledge comes from a series of unique core courses that span the four years of the undergraduate experience. In the Intellectual Inquiry core curriculum, students get to choose from a wide range of focused special topic courses. At Roanoke College, students learn directly from professors who are experts in their fields. Ninety-five percent of the college’s tenure-track faculty members have the highest degrees possible in their fields, and do scholarly work in their academic disciplines. The close-knit academic environment allows strong mentoring of students by these experts. This relationship also leads students to excellent graduate school placements or directly into fulfilling careers. In fact, about 95 percent of graduates receive job offers within six months of graduation or go on to graduate school. While at Roanoke College, students also benefit from involvements as leaders or participants in the college’s 100+ clubs and organizations, and on nationally ranked athletic teams. With half of its students from Virginia and half from out of state, the college offers regional and national exposure. Alumni have attended a fine selection of graduate schools such as Johns Hopkins, Duke, Columbia, University of Pennsylvania, and Yale. Medical and professional schools are common destinations for graduates – two recent Roanoke alumni were inducted into the national medical school honor society at the University of Virginia. Graduates have gone on to fascinating careers starting their own businesses, doing scientific research, or pursuing careers from underwater archaeology and medicine to television production, humanitarianism and government. Roanoke College seeks to give each student a passion for lifelong learning, service, and leadership, along with an in-depth area of expertise.

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