Sage College of Albany

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140 New Scotland Ave
Albany, NY 12208

Sage College of Albany prides itself on preparing students for rapidly evolving and emerging professions by stressing the “professional” in professional studies. Grounded and nurtured by the common experience of I.Think, a three-course, four-year interdisciplinary academic experience that stresses collaboration, innovation and real-world problem solving, Sage College of Albany students can pursue multiple areas of specialized interest from cyto-biology to interior design to legal studies, change directions easily, and develop the portable competencies in technology, speaking and writing that are critical to success in today’s workforce. A Sage College of Albany education would not be complete without its required internship experience, which ensures students are as strong in the workplace as they are in the classroom. In addition to its historic buildings and 325,000 volume library, Sage’s Albany campus is home to the renowned Opalka Gallery. Constructed in 2002, the 7,000 square foot facility includes a vaulted gallery and a 75-seat lecture/presentation hall. Artists of national and international import are regularly exhibited in the Opalka.

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