Taylor University

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236 W Reade Ave
Upland, IN 46989

The intellect and the spirit coexist harmoniously at Taylor University where students find a high quality learning experience based on Christian ideals of truth and life. Students have the chance to take advantage of a unique leadership development initiative, a nationally recognized study abroad program, and cutting edge scientific research opportunities while at the same time advancing their spiritual development in a caring Christian community. Taylor students are passionate about serving God and others by actively seeking ways to deepen their faith through their studies, co-curricular involvements and personal relationships. The mind and the spirit are developed congruently as students make their way through Taylor’s faith-focused academic program. Students are challenged to confront a broad range of idea, perspectives and experiences through the lens of a Christian worldview. Academic pursuits are intensive and demand imagination, dedication, and integrity from students and faculty members alike. The students value the “whole person” education for which Taylor is well-known. Taylor is an international community where people take their faith seriously…but not always themselves. Bible studies, accountability groups and ministry outreach combine effortlessly with residence hall events, coffee houses and intramural sports. Taylor graduates report almost universal overall satisfaction with their undergraduate experience and within months of graduation, most on their way to an advanced degree or a rewarding career.

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