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5801 S Ellis Ave
Chicago, IL 60637

The University of Chicago offers a distinctive academic experience for college students. As one of the nation’s leading research universities, there is a high value placed on serious academic work, but the atmosphere in which it is accomplished is singularly Chicago. Here, scholars and students are engaged in rigorous and creative inquiry, in spirited debate that pries open old dogmas and penetrates conventional wisdom. \r\n\r\nIt is this climate of openness and creativity that attracts exceptional students and faculty from around the globe, including the current President of the United States, not to mention a total of 82 Nobel laureates and counting. \r\n\r\nBeyond the vast educational resources of the University is Chicago itself, a city that offers a wealth of world-class arts, architecture, museums and more, in addition to miles of magnificent lakefront beaches and parks.\r\n

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