University of Southern Maine

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96 Falmouth St
Portland, ME 04103

The USM Osher Map Library houses a world-class collection of maps and globes. \r\n\r\nUSM is committed to the principle that earning a degree is critical to transforming the lives of its students, their families, and the state. Higher learning, of course, has more profound effects than simply earning a credential. However, attaining a degree is one of the most powerful predictors of personal economic advancement, and a region’s economic outlook is tied closely to the numbers of its workforce with college degrees. \r\n\r\nUSM recognizes its obligation to manage both wisely and prudently the public resources entrusted to its use. The future of this university is predicated on leveraging those resources in the service of higher education’s public good. The university also views its responsibilities to conserve and protect environmental resources as an important aspect of that stewardship. \r\n\r\nUSM celebrates the importance of learning, research, scholarship, and creative endeavors as integral to its academic enterprise. The university supports the creativity and innovation with which its faculty, students, and staff contribute to the advance of knowledge and the creative economy of central and southern Maine. \r\n\r\nUSM recognizes the complexity of our identities and adopts the philosophy that we embrace, include, and accord all groups equitable, political, and social status. \r\n\r\nStrong Division III athletics are a pride of the University, and our scholar athletes distinguish themselves in the sports arena and in the classroom. \r\n

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