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Route 88
West Liberty, WV 26074

According to the school, West Liberty University is a four-year comprehensive public University that provides students with contemporary curricula that encompass a variety of degree programs. As West Virginia’s oldest institution of higher learning, West Liberty is customer-driven and vision-oriented with a focus on student learning. With over thirty nationally accredited programs, we offer students the opportunity to achieve their educational and personal goals through strong academic and social programs, cultural activities, professional services, and athletic events. Students are recognized and respected as individuals and enjoy a friendly atmosphere and an enjoyable place in which to work and learn. WLU enjoys productive partnerships with area businesses, public schools, higher education institutions, and government. The University is a vigorous competitor for top-quality students and for external financial support. WLU is known for being highly effective at meeting student needs.\r\n\r\nWest Liberty’s Mission is to provide our students the opportunity for \r\na high quality undergraduate, graduate and professional education.\r\n\r\nWest Liberty is dedicated to placing the latest technology in the hands of our students. Educational innovation is the driving force behind West Liberty’s Student Laptop Program, and incoming students have the opportunity to benefit from this unique initiative. An exceptional laptop package offers the use of mobile computing, both inside and outside the classroom, provides licensed McAfee Anti-Virus software, Microsoft Office 2007, and students will receive priority assistance from the laptop support center.\r\n\r\nWest Liberty’s new Media Arts Center is a truly state-of-the-art facility with television production technological capabilities that rival and often exceed those of professional studios throughout the region. The Media Arts Center provides hands-on opportunities for classroom experiences such as: radio\r\nproduction; digital audio creation and digital audio recording techniques; digital imaging; animation; web design; and many other opportunities including an 816 square-foot television control room that serves as a classroom for live television production.\r\n\r\nWest Liberty is approved to offer its first-ever stand-alone graduate program, a Master of Arts in Education. This program is expected to serve the graduate degree needs of many professional educators in the Upper Ohio Valley.

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