Wheaton College

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501 College Ave
Wheaton, IL 60187

Established in 1860 as a co-ed institution, Wheaton College is a private,\r\nresidential and interdenominational Christian liberal arts college, where the\r\npursuit of faith and learning is taken seriously. With a mission to “develop\r\nwhole and effective Christians,” Wheaton is committed to being a\r\ncommunity that fearlessly pursues God’s Truth, invests in developing\r\nwell-rounded students, and prepares graduates to make a difference in the\r\nworld. The influence of Wheaton is seen in fields ranging from government\r\n(former Speaker of the US House of Representatives), to sports (two NBA\r\ncoaches), to business (the CEO of John Deere), to the arts (Metropolitan\r\nOpera National Competition winners), to education (30-plus college\r\npresidents or provosts), to global ministry (Billy Graham). Wheaton seeks\r\nstudents who want to make a difference and are passionate about their\r\nChristian faith and rigorous academic pursuit.

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