William Jewell College

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500 College Hill
Liberty, MO 64068

According to the school, the Jewell experience focuses on enhancing a student’s ability to apply learning to complex ethical, scientific and cultural problems. The College places a high value on experiential learning and gives students the opportunity to ‘live what they learn.’ Students who complete the College’s 34-hour liberal arts core plus three applied learning experiences receive a second major in Applied Critical Thought and Inquiry (ACT-In). As a result, all students can graduate with double majors in four years. The ACT-In option is a reflection of the College’s philosophy that education must take students beyond thinking and inquiring, and to action. \r\n\r\nBeginning with the entering class in the fall of 2010, every student who successfully completes the sophomore year will be eligible to receive a ‘Journey Grant’ to fund a transformative hands-on experience. Journey Grants can support self-designed research projects, study-away opportunities, internships, civic engagement initiatives or service projects at home or abroad. Students can pool grants together to create substantive collaborative projects. \r\n\r\nIn addition to ACT-In, other distinctive programs are available to Jewell students. The internationally recognized Oxbridge Honors Program, supported by the Hall Family Foundation, combines British tutorial methods of instruction with a year of study in Oxford or Cambridge. It is the only program of its kind in the nation. Jewell’s undergraduate Nonprofit Leadership major is one of only 13 nationwide and ranks among the top three in academic rigor. The Pryor Leadership Studies Program includes course work, community service projects and internships that help students enhance their leadership skills in a variety of settings. The Harriman-Jewell Series is considered one of the great performing arts presenting series in the country. More than 850 world-class performances and 19 American recital debuts, including that of Luciano Pavarotti in 1973, have come to Kansas City by way of this program.\r\n\r\nThe Center for Justice and Sustainability at William Jewell is at the heart of the College’s mission to cultivate leadership, service, and spiritual growth. The Center’s role in this mission is to raise awareness of social, economic, and ecological challenges within our world in order to invite students to spend their lives creating solutions to these complex and interconnected issues.\r\n\r\nWilliam Jewell has an intentional progression of courses and experiences designed to prepare students for a lifetime of growth and change. Jewell students graduate equipped with deep content knowledge in their major(s), a host of social and real-world experiences, personal maturity and the intellectual habits of mind for success in a world of change and challenge. \r\n\r\nEach student’s educational and personal development journey is shaped by the College’s commitment to immersing students in a community of talented peers with high expectations; top faculty who personally engage, challenge, and mentor students; a rigorous and intentional curriculum that is both competency and issues based; an ideal location that offers exceptional opportunities for students; personal development: ethics, faith, service, and leadership.\r\n\r\nWilliam Jewell College believes graduation in four years should be an expectation of all students. The College’s Four-Year Graduation Guarantee ensures timely completion of a great liberal arts education, positioning our students for transition into graduate school or career choices ahead of most peers. Students who follow academic advising guidelines are guaranteed to graduate four years (eight consecutive semesters) from the date of their original matriculation. Students following these basic guidelines who do not meet graduation requirements after four years may take up to an additional 16 credit hours required for graduation within one year of the originally projected graduation date, free of tuition and fees.

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