Belmont Abbey College

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100 Belmont-Mt Holly Road
Belmont, NC 28012

According to the school, The Abbey offers many rich educational traditions: small class sizes, close faculty-student relationships, a thorough grounding in the liberal arts combined with specialized work in a major field, and of course co-curricular activities like community service, internships, study abroad, and campus cultural events. What makes Belmont Abbey College unique, however, is that it strives to do all of these things in the context of the Catholic Benedictine heritage that has nourished the College community since its founding in 1876. Students thus learn not only the transferable skills and knowledge they need to be successful in a constantly changing world; they are also exposed to the values that will help them live good, and ultimately happy, lives, striving to improve not only themselves, but society as well.\r\n\r\n

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