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950 Main St
Worcester, MA 01610

Clark University prepares students to make a meaningful difference in a world hungry for change. Our vibrant intellectual life is an outgrowth of a dedicated faculty who are as passionate about teaching and mentoring as they are about generating new knowledge. As undergraduates, Clark students have an array of opportunities to not only study with award-winning researchers but also to work at their side in pursuit of solutions to pressing global problems. This approach to education – learning through inquiry – is just one of the three distinguishing features of a Clark education. The other two are making a difference and experiencing diverse cultures. Each permeates campus life in many ways: through rigorous academic courses, independent projects, internships and other educational experiences; through research and social action, both locally and globally; and through interactions with the dynamic members of the Clark community and study-abroad experiences. Students also have the possibility of earning a bachelor’s and master’s degree in five years, with the fifth year tuition free. Clark’s status as a small research university grounded in the liberal arts, its urban location, and its tradition of community partnerships place Clark students in an ideal position to breathe life into the University’s motto, ‘Challenge convention, change our world.’

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