Creighton University

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2500 California Plaza
Omaha, NE 68178

Creighton is a leading national Catholic university that is committed to providing intellectual challenge, promoting critical thinking and inspiring leadership and service to others with a faith-filled view of the world. Creighton’s complex and sophisticated academic offerings have contributed to its national reputation for diversity and educational excellence, drawing students from across the nation and around the world. Students find great balance in Creighton’s rigorous academics, strong focus on leadership skills, abundant opportunities for internships and undergraduate research and life-changing community service experiences. \r\n\r\nWith about 7,700 students, more than 50 undergraduate majors, and over 25 graduate and professional programs, Creighton is the ideal learning environment. The school is small with personal classes, accomplished faculty mentors, and a wealth of internship opportunities with a 97 percent job placement rate within eight months of graduation. Students come to Creighton to become experts in their chosen fields. With recognition from prestigious organizations such as the Fulbright Fellows and Goldwater Scholars programs and extraordinary synergy among undergraduate, graduate and professional faculty, it’s not surprising that Creighton launches more than half of its graduates immediately into medical, dental, pharmacy, physical or occupational therapy, and graduate or law school. At Creighton, students are prepared to succeed in their professional careers as well as in the leadership roles they take on in order to shape a better world. \r\n\r\nCreighton is poised for the future, with more than $285 million in campus construction and renovations, including: a state-of-the-art integrated science building, technology-rich junior and senior townhouses, a nationally recognized soccer stadium and campus mall, a signature student life and learning center and a new athletic arena as well as fitness, health and recreation center. \r\n \r\nCreighton’s beautiful campus offers a comfortable and safe space within a five-minute walk of downtown restaurants, music events, and corporate business headquarters. Students find that Omaha features the cosmopolitan amenities of a larger city in a friendlier, more navigable environment. From nationally renowned academics to NCAA Division I athletics and extraordinary service and leadership opportunities, all set within a thriving metropolis, you get the complete package at Creighton University.\r\n\r\n

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