Freed-Hardeman University

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158 E Main St
Henderson, TN 38340

According to the school, Freed-Hardeman University is an independent, private, Christian university. It seeks to provide college-level courses, activities, and resources designed to promote total growth in a Christian environment. It offers the alternative of a distinctive lifestyle with the goal of excellence in personal living as well as academic attainment, emphasized in high standards of conduct, dress, language, and honesty accepted by students and faculty. The university is governed by a self-perpetuating board of trustees who are members of churches of Christ and who hold the institution in trust for its founders, alumni, and supporters. Most of its students are members of the church of Christ, but it enrolls students of any or no religious affiliation. Academic programs leading to the bachelor’s degree require general education courses in the liberal arts and sciences. Most majors are career-oriented, in keeping with the university’s motto of: Teaching how to live and how to make a living. Bible courses are regarded as important to a complete liberal education and central to the university’s mission. Courses are offered by twelve academic departments organized into six schools.

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