Pennsylvania College of Technology

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One College Ave
Williamsport, PA 17701

Pennsylvania College of Technology offers an array of academic programs in a student-centered learning environment at the certificate, associate and baccalaureate levels with a strong emphasis on technology. The College is a statewide-focused institution with nationally recognized programs and a commitment to hands-on, experiential learning. Pennsylvania College of Technology seeks to implement its philosophy by providing: Opportunities to develop intellectually, ethically, socially, culturally and personally. Quality academic programs with emphasis on pre-professional, technological, and service areas. Accessible full- and part-time educational opportunities and services that address a wide spectrum of individual needs and abilities through varied formats, schedules and geographic locations. Educational programming responsive to economic and employment realities. Enhanced learning opportunities through cooperation with industry, business, government, other educational institutions and through international experiences. Comprehensive majors that integrate communications, math, science, art, technology, humanities, interpersonal skills, problem solving, critical thinking, information literacy and health and safety. Opportunities to develop skills needed to enter and succeed in academic majors. Opportunities to increase skills, knowledge, and interest through lifelong learning. Assistance with career planning, employment preparation and advanced study. An environment that fosters lifelong learning, creativity, and respect for difference. Providing excellence in instruction and appropriate educational opportunities is the College’s highest priority.

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