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201 Old Main
University Park, PA 16802

Penn State is a multi-campus land-grant university serving the citizens of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the world through high-quality programs in teaching, research and service. The University enrolls more than 90,000 students at 24 campuses across the Commonwealth and the Penn State World Campus, including more than 40,000 at its flagship University Park campus in State College. Penn State’s instructional mission includes undergraduate, graduate and continuing and distance education informed by scholarship and research. The University also holds a unique responsibility for outreach and public service to support the commonwealth, and engages in collaborative activities with industrial, educational and agricultural partners around the world to disseminate and apply knowledge. As the largest non-governmental economic engine in Pennsylvania, Penn State annually generates more than $8 billion in direct economic impact to the Commonwealth and supports more than 60,000 total jobs. The University also influences an additional $9 billion indirectly each year through business services, research commercialization and the activities of alumni for a total of more than $17 billion in annual economic impact in Pennsylvania. Boasting one of the largest graduate schools, the University is a leader in engaging students in landmark research. More than $2 million in research activity takes place at Penn State each day. Opportunities for discovery extend beyond the graduate school, as Penn State undergraduates have the rare opportunity to conduct significant research that advances and serves the nation in important ways. Undergraduates assist world-class faculty in developing new emerging technologies. Research at Penn State is enhanced through the University’s membership in the Worldwide Universities Network, a consortium of research Universities that collaborate on research primarily focused in science, technology and engineering. This partnership is an example of the University’s continued efforts to expand the breadth and scope of its collaborations, making Penn State a truly global University. Coupled with this commitment to research is the University’s remarkable dedication to undergraduate teaching. This is part of an ongoing emphasis toward making Penn State an even more student-centered university. Through its research and teaching, and by providing opportunities for leadership and civic engagement, Penn State is educating students to make an important difference in today’s global community.

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