Rochester College

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800 West Avon Road
Rochester Hills, MI 48307

Rochester College exists to engage students in a vigorous educational program that combines liberal arts and professional studies within a Christian community that will promote a life of study and service.\r\nThe school pursues this mission by the intentional nurturing of high standards of scholarship, character, and civic responsibility.\r\nRochester College is committed to academic excellence. The college is fully accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and is a member of the North Central Association. Undergraduate concentrations in its Integrated Learning Model emphasize the importance of a liberal arts curriculum that models and teaches scholarly research, critical thinking, and effective communication skills in all fields of study.\r\nRochester College cultivates the spiritual development of its students. The college affirms its commitment to holistic education that offers unique opportunities for faculty-student mentoring, student-student camaraderie, and student-community service. Established as a Christian college in 1959, the founders of the school that has become Rochester College articulated a commitment to high ethical principles and character development. Affirming a Judeo-Christian worldview from a tradition in Churches of Christ, the school has received students from all backgrounds, regions of the United States, and foreign countries. The college has established itself as a place to pursue “academic excellence in Christian community.”\r\nRochester College affirms and models social justice and servant leadership. Students, faculty, and staff of the school interact to create a Christ-honoring environment of mutual respect. As people in preparation for a lifetime of growth and service, we participate in lively academic debate around important issues of our time. We also promote personal involvement in community service, cross-cultural engagement, and political processes. Students may choose to study abroad through our GEO (Global Educational Opportunities) program.

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