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405 Hilgard Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90095

According to the school, UCLA offers immediate, first-year access to a virtually limitless selection of studies that only a world-class university can provide. UCLA’s strength is its size, allowing for unimagined diversity, unmatched breadth and depth of scholarship, and limitless possibility. UCLA offers 130 majors, 3,000 undergraduate courses taught by 3,800 faculty, and more than 900 student organizations. At UCLA, 31 academic programs are ranked among the top 20 in their fields, representing all the most popular undergraduate majors. The undergraduate experience at UCLA can begin with participation in a year-long Freshman Cluster — a stimulating team-taught exploration of one of nine challenging interdisciplinary topics. Students can also choose from among 200 small group seminars taught by top faculty. Undergraduates can conduct research in close collaboration with UCLA scholars as early as their freshman year. The Honors Program provides an enriched educational experience through interdisciplinary seminars, engaging classroom presentations, individualized mentoring, and special honors courses designed to encourage and reward critical thinking. At UCLA, community service is a cornerstone of undergraduate education; students can participate in local, state, or national programs that bring together volunteer opportunities with academic coursework. UCLA is the nation’s centers of art and cultural programs, and students can choose from more than 1,000 events annually. By building fresh new perspectives and encouraging new ways to wonder, UCLA continues to define what a university can be.

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