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Honors Program\r\nThe Honors Program at UT Tyler provides intellectually enriching opportunities for academically talented and motivated freshmen at UT Tyler. The emphasis is on small classes, enriched coursework, independent learning, speaking and writing, research within the discipline, sharing ideas, and discovering new worlds beyond the campus.\r\nHonors students will receive personalized academic advising, honors courses with top faculty, special programming, opportunities for research, and a variety of international study and travel abroad programs. Upon completion of the program and graduation, students will receive a special Honors designation on their transcripts. \r\nThe curriculum of the UT Tyler University Honors Program is carefully shaped to ensure that classes never exceed 25 students. Instructors are regular faculty, not adjuncts, selected on the basis of their demonstrated teaching excellence. All faculty are active scholars publishing in their disciplines.\r\n\r\nGATE:Global Awareness Through Education\r\nGATE is a globally-focused program designed for incoming freshman. As a GATE student, you will live in the Ornelas Residence Hall with other students in the program. You can major in any subject, but you will take two courses per semester in a special globally-enhanced curriculum. Following your sophomore year, you will complete the program with a five-week study abroad experience in Japan. The courses in Japan will be staffed by UT Tyler faculty, and housing will be arranged. Since UT Tyler offers study in the Japanese language, you will have the opportunity to learn the language before you travel if you wish.\r\n

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