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Earn a degree in database administration from an accredited college

As technology continues to move forward, it drives an increasing need for efficient storing, analysis, and transmission of data. As a database administrator, you would be responsible for managing a system that performs these functions. The future is very bright in this area. Should you choose to get an information science-related degree, you’ll almost certainly end up happily employed.


Why should I get a management information systems degree?

Maybe you can create impressive PowerPoints or spreadsheets. When the computer (or your PlayStation) does rude things, perhaps you are good at figuring out how to troubleshoot. If you have strong technical skills and an affinity for math, statistics, and data, a degree in the information science area may be best for you. You can major in computer science, information science, or management information systems, which can all lead to database administration. You’d work with network administrators, and determine the best way to present data to users and keep information secure.

What kinds of jobs could I get with my degree?

You can work as a database administrator, data technician, data analyst, database architect, network administrator, or systems manager. This field is specialized, so there is little variety. Some careers that are related include bioinformatics, video game design, software engineering, computer support, and web development.

5 Common Jobs

  • database administrator
  • data technician
  • data analyst
  • database architect
  • systems manager

How much will I make?

Database administrators made $75,730 on average in 2010. Network and systems administrators made slightly less. Database architects receive a median wage of $79,240. On average, occupations in this field have very similar salaries, between $70,000 and $80,000.

How is the job market?

The employment outlook is excellent. It is expected to grow much faster than average as the demand increases for organizations to store growing amounts of data. The Internet is becoming more important to the sharing of data, and with it, information security will be a valuable career.

What skills do I need?

You will certainly need to understand math and statistics. You should be familiar with computers, technology, and handling information—data, lists, charts, etc. Social skills are useful, as you will probably work with clients to solve difficulties and make the database user experience enjoyable. Varying levels of education are required, although you definitely need related computer skills and some math and business under your belt. A bachelor’s degree is typical, but you can get a job with less (or more). Database administration combines logical, data-oriented thinking with creative problem solving.

Salary and career outlook data provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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