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2900 University Ave
Crookston, MN 56716

The University of Minnesota, Crookston (UMC) delivers an applied, technology-driven education where students become leaders, innovate with technology, explore through research, and secure the career they want. As one of five campuses comprising the University of Minnesota system, UMC delivers world-class University of Minnesota degrees in an affordable, close-knit campus setting where faculty and staff personally invest in the success of each student. The campus offers 28 bachelor of science degree programs along with numerous minors and concentrations. Several degree programs are also offered entirely online. Degree programs are administered through the following academic departments: Agriculture and Natural Resources; Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences; Business; and Math, Science, and Technology. As a public, land-grant institution, the Crookston campus serves as a regional hub in northwestern Minnesota for 1) undergraduate education leading to a University of Minnesota diploma; 2) technology applications in higher education; 3) innovation, entrepreneurism, and regional sustainability; 4) leadership development; and 5) global and diverse cultural experiences. A major hallmark of the student experience at UMC is a day-to-day immersion in personal computer technology. A leader in ubiquitous computing since it pioneered the concept in 1993, the Crookston campus not only provides powerful laptop computers, standardized software, and network access to all students and faculty, but its faculty members also integrate technology and related applications across the curriculum. UMC recently created the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology to ensure even higher quality improvement in technology integration to the curriculum. Information from surveys of employers of UMC graduates reinforces the assertion that this approach results in its graduates gaining exemplary technology skills. UMC features small class sizes with a student-faculty ratio of 17:1. Instruction is provided by credentialed faculty in an environment conducive to personal interaction with an approach that encourages hands-on learning and application of theory. Students also have the opportunity to participate in designing and conducting research through the U of M Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) as well as more than 300 student abroad options in 67 different countries. Competing as the Golden Eagles, student-athletes take part in 11 varsity sports at the NCAA Division II level. More than 40 student clubs and organizations also afford leadership, professional development, and career networking opportunities. A growing population of international students (nearing 10 percent of all degree-seeking students) provides opportunities for intercultural experiences, a global exchange of ideas, and curriculum enhancement. In fall semester 2009, students enrolled at UMC came from 25 different countries of origin and 2 U.S. protectorates. When factoring in the number of students of color attending the campus (over 11 percent of all degree-seeking students in fall 2009) the results represent a significantly diverse student body for a campus of its size. As part of the educational experience, the Crookston campus places a high priority on service learning, where students have an opportunity to learn about themselves, their peers, their community, and their potential career choice, all in a real-world situation. Students also have access to the Academic Assistance Center to provide additional skill development when needed and support to enhance student success.

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